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Hair Products

The Oribe line delivers the highest possible levels of innovation and performance. Oribe spent decades custom-blending styling potions in order to create his trademark glamorous looks, giving rise to this focused collection. Oribe blends exclusive natural actives with top-level treatment technology. The result is a collection of paraben and sodium chloride-free shampoos, conditioners and masques specifically tailored to the hair needs of the glamorous.

Leaf & Flower was developed by stylists and offers tangible results with a therapeutic and innovative line centered around the natural benefits of CBD. The exclusive CBD Corrective Complex, which is a combination of multiple cannabinoids, elicits an entourage effect to bring out the gloss and natural brilliance in all hair types. With dedicated use, hair is stronger and more predictable.

Oligo Professionnel

The vision for Oligo Professionnel was and remains the crafting of healthier and safer products, which continue to be develop with patience and care. The complex and highly sophisticated technologies used in the Oligo Professionnel series have been tested and re-tested, delivering the kind of performance, reliability, consistency, and excellence only true dedication can provide. Oligo insists on incorporating beauty into every facet of their products, from concept to formula, and everything in between. This attention to detail is about attaining the ultimate goal of making every woman feel beautiful.

Brazilian Blowout Açai Hair Care is an aftercare product regimen developed for the sole purpose of extending the life of the Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatments.

Color Wow

Color Wow is science backed haircare using only Good 4 You ingredients. Free off gluten, parabens, sulphates, and phthalates.