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Halo Hair Extensions

The Most Seamless & Comfortable Hair Extensions

  • No heat, glue, tape, or sticky mess

  • Little to no damage of your natural hair

  • Extra volume, length, or both

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The Story Behind Hand Tied Halo Extensions

Tara Tresse, founder of Hand Tied Halo Extensions, has carried a passion for the beauty industry from a youthful age. Her eagerness to learn and love for the art of hair extensions culminated into the development of a new and improved hair extension method, Hand Tied Halo Extensions.

Tara explored and practiced nearly every hair extension method on the market, from bonded to tape-in extensions and more, none of which proved satisfactory.

Out of desire to provide hair extension clients with their dream hair, Tara created and mastered Hand Tied Halo Extensions. These extensions are not only more comfortable and seamless, but are designed to last 2 to 3 times longer than other hair extension methods. This means you will be in and out of the salon feeling SEXY and CONFIDENT with less maintenance appointments.

Tara has gone on to teach this method to hundreds of stylists, including her amazingly talented team of stylists at Modern LUXE Salon. Each of these professionals have trained closely with Tara to become certified in the Hand Tied Halo Extension service. Her team of extension professionals are here to help you achieve your hair goals with beautiful Hand Tied Halo Extensions.

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